Sunday, 23 June 2019

Is BJP manifesto strong enough to make voters bring back Narendra Modi in May 2019?

(My take was published in the 'Talk Point' segment of ThePrint) 

BJP manifesto is practical, visionary and inclusive

While releasing the BJP Sankalp Patra, Prime Minister Narendra Modi presented a grand vision of a developed and prosperous India by 2047 and stressed that 2019-2024 would be the period to lay the foundation.
He said nationalism is the inspiration, antyodaya is the philosophy and good governance is the motto of the BJP.
Detractors have always been dismissive of the PM but what they fail to see in his choice of words and ideas is that he has managed to not only meet the aspirations of the people but also push them to desire for more and better.
This push for bigger objectives and the possibility of achieving a ‘great Indian dream’ are mirrored in the Sankalp Patra.
The Sankalp Patra presents 75 ‘resolves’ that are practical, visionary as well as inclusive. The manifesto talks about gaon (village), garib (poor), kisan (farmer), yuva (youth), as well as the middle class and neo-middle class. In this sense, it reflects collective as well as individual aspirations of our diverse electorate. The manifesto stresses on inclusive growth and has a nationalist vision. It offers a new security doctrine of ‘offensive defence’.
Farmers get significant attention with stress on doubling income and no interest on loans up to Rs 1 lakh via farmer credit card. It promises pension for marginal farmers, small shopkeepers and unorganised sector workers, and financial support of Rs 6,000 to all farmers.
People will vote for this manifesto not because it promises them sops but because it promises to make them resource creators.
This is a very strong document that is not just the manifesto of a party but the vision of a country.

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